Others getting involved….

Lisa and Tony helping in food bank today. Tony also now being put forward to help with one of our partnering projects to increase his confidence, to help make him more employable. This is all part and parcel of the Business Plan and in line with the criteria which enabled us to obtain the funding we received. Helping people’s well being by giving volunteering opportunities, we have already proved this has worked with the difference in the well being of Ron and Meryl, the more people in the community feel they have something to get up for in the mornings and can help in a warm and safe environment will undoubtedly increase their worth, and the drawing of them by The Holy Spirit into the Kingdom..

Service Times

1100 – 1215 - Morning Celebration
1130 – 1215 - Junior Church


1000 – 1230 - HUB Cafe


1000 – 1230 - HUB Cafe
1000 – 1200 - CAB
1900 – 2030 - POWERHOUSE Prayer Meeting

1000 – 1230 - HUB Cafe

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