We will be starting a primary age kids connect group from Fri 15 March from 5-7pm. The emphasis is on bringing the children of our community together for a couple of hours for fun, building relationships and in various ways teaching them the gospel. This will not only help the children, but a catalyst for The Holy Spirit to work in these children’s lives but also some time out for their parents.

I (DAWN) am in the process of speaking with health visitors, social services and safe families for children for their input, along with Interlink for funding to expand this as in the future we would like to have sessions to help parents and children do things together in a safe environment along with a sit down meal. Above all, everything we do within our community be it inside or outside must have an evangelistic edge, otherwise our work is in vain.

We have a small team currently but we will need more in case of leave, sickness or other eventualities If anyone has a heart for young children and you’d like to be involved then please let me know as you will have to have a DBS check. #feelingexcited#

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This is followed by our YOUTH NIGHT HUB which commences 1900 thru to 2100 hrs.

This accommodates teenagers of Comprehensive School age.

Service Times

1100 – 1215 - Morning Celebration
1130 – 1215 - Junior Church


1000 – 1230 - HUB Cafe


1000 – 1230 - HUB Cafe
1000 – 1200 - CAB
1900 – 2030 - POWERHOUSE Prayer Meeting

1000 – 1230 - HUB Cafe

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