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Mission’s Home and away – Romania

As part of our outreach work, both home and away, we at New Life Community Church are privileged to be able to support (in part) through one of our members, Philip and April Lynn who are missionaries from New Zealand, serving those in some of the poorest areas of Tirgu Mures, Romania.

After an initial visit by one of our fellowship, a friendship over the last 6 to 7 years has sprung up, with volunteers travelling to help April and Phil in their N.G.O roles as ‘Association for Life Success’ by taking clothing, food, medical aid, and other essential items to them by road.

But within the last three years, we have facilitated volunteers to fly over to April and to assist with the poor at Tampa village, by providing recreation for the Children, linking into the Village School, and by providing ongoing building teams who extend already run down, existing family homes.

Easter, we send over Cadbury chocolate eggs for the Children and at Christmas, we now send over shoe boxes filled with Christmas cheer. In between those times, teams of volunteers make themselves available, paying their own way, to be at April and Phil’s disposal; quite often sorting out their warehouse prior to distributing goods. These mission weeks are a time of adventure with fun, food and wonderful fellowship, strengthening the tie between us.


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You will notice folk from other churches helping out as in ‘teams’ with the building and sorting depository to name a few projects.

It's a Start
It's a Start

It is both a joy and a privilege to be able to ‘help those less fortunate than ourselves’(1 John 3 vs 17)

** check out this link for plenty more pics  and enjoy the whole library of the last 2 years mission trips