A number of us from NLCC and other local churches had a real heart to help those on the streets. We formed a small team not really knowing where this would lead to. We came across an organisation in Cardiff called Rainbow of Hope which our little team are now working alongside. Every Monday we are on the streets of Cardiff providing food hot drinks, toiletries,clothing, tents, sleeping bags etc to whoever we come across. There are such a diverse lot of people on the streets some are local, some from the Rhondda and a number from various foreign countries.

We love every week that we go down to Cardiff. Some are local, some are from Rhondda, some are foreign.

Every week is a challenge for us in someways. But God is at the center of it all and protects them and us too.
We have seen a number of the homeless come to know Jesus, and we have many opportunities to pray for them.

We survive by donations. And we never fail to be amazed by the generosity of people. If you feel you want to help in any way please let us know.